• Insurance

  • Most Extended Health Benefits Plans will cover you for your treatments under Acupuncture and/or the sub category of Laser Therapy.

    This is because your treatments are administered by a Provincially Licensed Paramedical Health Provider.  This means that your therapist has undergone years of education and successful completion of Provincial Board Examinations.  

    In addition to Extended Health Benefits coverage, your receipts may be used as tax deductions for income tax purposes, since your treatments are administered by a Licensed Health Practitioner.  


  • Please call us to for more information regarding your insurance coverage.

  • We are proud to inform you that all your treatments are administered by Beverly Seip, a provincially licensed health care provider who completed a 4 year program of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture at the esteemed Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences.

    In addition to specialized training in Laser Therapy, and Laser Acupuncture, Beverly has completed Nutritional and Functional Medicine programs. 

    Beverly is passionate about continuing education, and research.  Most recently she has been training in and is now offering Trigger Point Injection Therapy, Neural Therapy, and Prolotherapy.

    When you are in the care of a practitioner who has undergone years of training, you can rest assured that you are in good hands, and that your billing is done legitimately.  

    Please beware of some offices, where your "therapy" is delivered by someone who has 2-14 days "training" with no medical degree, or background.  Billing of services under these "laser techs" may result in poor outcomes, both for your health and for your wallet, since insurance does not cover the expense of a treatment administered by a laser tech.  

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