• Prices

  • New Patients

    New Patient Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation, Assessment, Recommendations and Treatment

    1.5 hours  $150.00

  • Return Patients

    This follow up treatment is for Return Patients, and includes comprehensive Acupuncture/Laser Acupuncture Therapy. It may also include cupping, TENS/EMS, Tui-na Massage, Gua Sha, and diet and lifestyle recommendations specific to you.

    1 hour  $110


  • ICBC Pays For 12 Therapeutic Acupuncture Treatments

  • As of April 1, 2019 ICBC supports patients who have been in an accident by providing more coverage for them.

    ICBC will cover 12 Acupuncture visits in the first three months after an accident.  

    As someone who has been in a car accident myself, I have both personal and professional experience with whiplash, including other injuries that occur during Motor Vehicle Incidents/Accidents.


  • ICBC now covers you for Acupuncture Treatments*

    *$45 user fee for Initial Evaluation and Treatment *100% coverage for 11 more 40 minute treatments Please call to have your questions answered Duncan: 778.992.2025 Comox: 778.992.2025 or 250.890.0552
  • Cupping, Gua Sha, Tui-Na Massage

    Some people want to focus their therapy and relaxation with more hands on. This service offers 1 to 3 of the many Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques that Beverly Seip offers.  

    1 hour $110


  • Trigger Points and Peri-Neural

    Trigger Point Injections, and/or Peri-Neural Therapy:  Therapeutic injections using liquid nutritive compounds to promote regeneration, and achieve faster healing.

    1 hour $150

  • Consults

    Consults are available as a stand alone service (New Patient) or as a follow up that can be utilized by patients anywhere in the world.

    Prices vary.  Free 15 minutes consult for new clients