• Prices

  • New Patients

  • $125

    New Patient Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation  +  Treatment

  • Functional Medicine

    New Patient Consultation + Treatment
    and comprehensive Functional Medicine testing

    Pricing starts at $125 


  • Return Patients

  • $100

    This includes comprehensive Acupuncture/Laser Acupuncture Therapy and other complementary adjuncts for whole body wellness.


  • $100

    Nutritional Medicine/ Nutritional Product Consultation.  This consult is for 1 hour and includes a follow up email or phone call.

  • Other Services

  • $100

    Therapeutic Cupping and/or Gua Sha and/or Tui-na Massage


  • $150

    Trigger Point Injections/Prolotherapy/Neural Therapy:  Therapeutic injections using hypodermic needles and liquid nutritive compounds to promote regeneration, and achieve faster healing.

  • $25

    This is a 15 minute follow up that can be utilized after an initial consult (TCM, Functional or Nutritional) for nutritional products/medicines.